Monday, October 25, 2010

7th Day of Halloween: Contests & Decor

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Are you ready for Halloween? I sure am. We spent all day Saturday decorating our yard. It ended up being windy so the hubby re-decorated Sunday. It always seems to get windy AFTER we decorate. Today is rather windy as well. If I can ever find my camera (the camera monsters seem to hid it from it when I need it), will take some photos & post 'em up :) I would love to see photo(s) of your decorations. Also, does anyone know what they are going to be yet? I'm a Serial Killer Zombie. You can see photos here. Also, I have a HUGE favor to ask. I entered a contest last week & submissions & entries end Nov 15 (I think). Could you vote for me? When you click the link, you can click on "Click here to read or post comments." & it'll let you rate it. Please & thank you! LINK. I thought about doing a giveaway for anyone that voted, but that's bribing & I want this to be a fair contest. I've entered another contest at Republican-Herald @ Upickem. Voting hasn't started there, but you can always save the link & vote on Mon, Nov 01 2010 1:00 PM - Fri, Nov 05 2010 12:00 PM if you want :) And I have found a third Halloween contest to enter. I entered it last year & got 3rd place. I'm going to wait 'till the last minute to enter only because I'm a member on the website & know how some people like to take ideas =/ Do any of you know of any online Halloween contests? Feel free to post 'em. Are you entering any?

P.S.: If you have a Halloween Giveaway & need someone to host it, let me know :)

What a Spooktacular Day

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