Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13th Day of Halloween: Trick-or-Treat

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Trick or treat
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat.
If you don't,
I don't care,
I'll pull down your underwear.

That is the Halloween rhyme we all know & love. Rather you're trick-or-treating or giving out candy, I'm sure you hear/say it at least once Halloween night. Are you the one being tricked or the one being treated this year? I personally like being the candy person. Number one, I think I'm a little to old to go out trick-or-treating, lol (23). Number 2, I loooove dressing up for Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I also love decorating my yard for it. The first year the hubby & I shared Halloween, we had people trying to come INSIDE our house because they thought it was a haunted house. I guess it didn't help we had scary Halloween music playing, ha. The candy person or the trick-or-treater?

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