Tuesday, October 5, 2010

27th Day of Halloween: Movies

If you missed yesterday's Halloween post, read it here.

As Halloween gets closer and closer, I find myself wanting to watch nothing but horror movies. Perhaps it's because I'm a big horror fan or maybe because I see horror/gory items everyday with my husband's horror shop Black Water FX. Whatever the reason, October is a perfect month to catch up on all of those good old horror movies & even check out new ones. I have composed a list of new/upcoming horror movies as well as a list of my all time fav horror movies. What are your favorite horror films? What new horror films are you looking to watch?

New/Upcoming Films
My Soul To Take
Paranormal Activity 2
Case 39
Saw 3D

Some of My All Time Fav (in no order)
Nightmare on Elm Street (old ones)
House on Haunted hill
The Shining
Halloween (old ones)
Paranormal Activity
Autopsy (movies about hospitals/asylums freak me out)
Dawn of the Dead
A Haunting in Connecticut
The Amityville Horror
13th Ghost
Hills Have Eyes


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