Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rant #1

Friday was my dad’s birthday.  We [my brother & I] do not have a close bond with him anymore. Heck, there’s not even a bond there anymore if you ask me. It’s been this way for the past almost 5 years. They refuse to stay in contact with us [sorry, but once a year doesn’t count & I don’t do part-time], no birthday calls, no holidays calls, nothing. I’d hear from ‘em one day & they’ll claim to call back. Oh, they did, months & months later. Their number was always changing, so I never stored it in my phone. Without getting into much detail, it felt as if we were no longer important, or as important as we should be - as if we’d been replaced. I finally gave up hope a few months ago. I received a phone call [first one in about a year] early November I believe from my step-mother. She only called because she wanted something & was going on & on about how she missed us [uh, then why is this the first time hearing from you in a year?], but the thing that really did it for me was when she asked my dad if he wanted to talk to me. Now, you would think he would want to considering it’d been a year. It was the complete opposite.  He was apparently beside her & I heard “No, I’m going to bed”. Mind you this was around 8pm. After hanging up with her, I was okay, but then later it hit me: my own father didn’t even want to talk to me. It hurt, a lot, but I said to myself, I see where we stand now [from this & other things]. No longer will I hang on to false hope. Back to the original sentence, Friday was his birthday & since I do not have his number, I left him a message on Facebook telling him happy birthday. Well, today I was on my stepsister’s page looking at some photos she posted of her baby [mind you she’s still in high school] & I happen to see a post she made on Friday [dad’s birthday] saying “It’s sad that your step-kids can call & tell you happy birthday, but your real blood kids can’t even send a text or nothing!” No, what’s sad is a parent who doesn’t keep in touch with their kids, who doesn’t even call them on their birthdays, who doesn’t call them during holidays or even at all, who’s missed out on so much of their childs lives [by choice]. THAT’S what’s sad. [I was so tempted to put that on her post, but held back].