Thursday, October 21, 2010

11th Day of Halloween: Opinions

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Oh no! I'm almost out of idea to blog about for Halloween. So I'm asking you, my readers, what would you like to see me blog on (Halloween related)? So far I've blogged about costumes, foods, movies, props, and trick-or-treating. Send me your ideas below :) If you have a Halloween giveaway, I'll be glad to blog about it here as well.

Witch On A Broom Halloween Mounted Rubber Stamp
By: LexysLair

Altered Skull Beads 20 Winter Green Plastic Halloween Christmas ZNE
By: ViragoCreations

Jack is back - Handmade, Wheel Thrown - Jack-o-lantern
By: SuzannesPotteryFarm

Halloween Window Cling Graveyard Suncatcher with Stained Glass Effect
By: clingingimages

I'm Seeing Orange Etsy Treasury
Click image to go to treasury

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