Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, I bid you farewell,

Today is the last day of 2010 w00t. For some, it was a terrible year, & others, a pretty decent year. I've noticed this month alone, almost everyone I know is currently sick with a cold, with the exception of my mom and two little brothers. They all three have the flu. :-( I just hope I don't get sick. I've already had the flu once this year, I prefer not have it again. This year has been, well, a year. I'm sitting here reading my end of the year post from last year (you can read it here) & I'll have to say 2009 was a crazy year as well. The A's & B's are still coming, along with a C *lol*, the hubby is still in school thumbup , the father-daughter relationship is still the same headshake . Almost two years without talking, I'm not expecting it to get any better hmph . I'll admit, it hurts, even almost two years later. It always will, but I find if you don't expect anything, it can't hurt you anymore than it already does & that's my plan. Anyhow, I did manage to almost finish my degree this year :-) In 2011 I will finally have my AA degree. :-D What else happened this year? hmm We actually saw snow way early this year :-) We usually don't get any until Jan or Feb, but it came the day after Christmas :-) Back in Spring, we had to take the hubby to the ER because of his back, but it's all better now, so that's a plus. I also ended up with a new tattoo this year, unlike last year where I had 3 new tattoos & 4 new piercings. We also got three new additions to the family this year: Cali (cat), Midnight (kitty) & Shadow (dog). 2010 has also been a decent year for Black Water FX. We've sold more than we sold last year. We even sold stuff on Christmas! We also went to TN this year, which was a plus.

As I do every year, I'm looking back on my 2010 resolutions. I've accomplished 6 out 7 things I had listed. As for this next year, my resolutions are:
1) Cut back on soda
2) Work out at least 30 minutes every day
3) Graduate - on time
4) Continue to sell more on Etsy
5) Save up for extra cash for our cruise in May
6) Get down to my idea weight
7) Stop procrastinating
8) Go back to TN

2010, I bid you farewell. 2011, I welcome you with open arms. I hope 2011 is the best year for everyone! Be safe, have fun, & have a great New Year!

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