Thursday, December 1, 2011

LifeShine Designs

"Beauty can be found everyday in the most unsuspecting of places, all you have to do is be open to it and look." -LifeShine

Happy December everyone! What better way to start the month off than with a feature. Today's feature comes from a friend of mine at LightShine Designs - Jewelry and Photography. She creates jewelry from vintage, steampunk, to soft and feminine. She enjoys taking ordinary pieces and turning them into one of a kind pieces of art. Any gemstones and minerals used, is personally mined by LifeShine. Not interested in jewelry? That's okay! She also does photography (focusing mostly on nature). LifeShine loves to be creative and has found that when you allow yourself to create, you open your life to all kinds of joy. Not interested in what you see on her page, but want a custom piece? She can make it for you. Just ask :) Please take the time to check her out on FaceBook, here, and "like" her page.

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