Friday, November 4, 2011

US Air Force Academy backtracks on Operation Christmas Child

I was on my way home today and heard this story on the raido. The U.S. Air Force Academy will not be participating in Operation Christmas Child this year. Why? Because according to ONE cadet, it's promoting one religion: Christianity. This cadet complained about and even made national news. In my opinion, it's crazy. Not only do churchs participate in OCC, but public highschools and middle schools do as well. So how exactly is this promoting one religion (besides the message the churches include)? Just because it has Christian roots doesn't mean it's supporting/promoting it. Operation Christmas Child is about making one little girl or boy, that doesn't have anything, happy on Christmas. Without OCC, they wouldn't even have a Christmas. It's a charity event, not shoving the Christian religion down their throats! What about Operation Shoebox? Betcha they don't complain with that one. This is how I see it, OCC has been going on for a very long time. If this person (or anyone else) doesn't want to participate in making a child happy on Christmas, then don't participate, but don't make it to where none of the rest are able to help just because they don't want to.

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