Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Troops

I came across a video via FaceBook earlier today.  A girl posted a video stating how she doesn't support the troops.  That the troops are either dumb and/or evil people.  That they go up to little kids with AKs and shoot 'em.  She goes on and on with this nonsense.  This girl obviously has NO CLUE as to what she's talking about.  She states "If someone could find me a bumper sticker 'I do not support the troops', I'd gladly put it on my car." ---Yeah, let's see how long she survives with that. Okay, maybe she doesn't support troops, but there is no reason whatsoever to sit there and ramble off a buncha crap that isn't true.  I don't nessicarly support the war, but I DO support our troops.  She wouldn't be able to say the dumb crap she says if it wasn't for our troops.  How does she think she got that freedom?  It just fell out of the air? NO!  Our troops DIED and shed BLOOD for that freedom.  People like her just need to be gathered up and dropped off in Afagan or somewhere.  She clearly stated she doesn't appreciate the freedom she has and since these other contries obviously pose no threat (according to her), she'd be just fine there.  You don't have to support our troops, but at least get your facts right before posting retarded videos.  And here is the video:

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