Monday, March 7, 2011

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Hello bloggers! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a pretty good weekend myself. Friday, we went to apply for passports for our cruise in May. While we were in the post office, a guy walked in and said he got his passport in 25 days. I was like "wow" considering they take 4-6 weeks. That gave me a little hope of getting it early. Just a little ^_^ Saturday, my brother in-law, hubby, & I got up at 7:30am and went yard selling. Found some neat stuff at amazing prices. The hubby & I got two oil lamps for $2.50 each. They also have blue oil in them which made me want to keep them even more. The blue oil makes them VERY pretty & who can beat $2.50 for a oil lamp? The hubby got some figurings for his collection. He got a great deal on those as well. I'll have photos posted at the end of the blog =)

On a more serious note, I kind of need some advice. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that my parents have been divoiced for about 7 years. I (along with my brother) went through a tough time with it in 2009. I won't go back into details about it, but if you must know, just leave a comment & I'll send you my post about it. I was on FaceBook last week & noticed my step-sister had posted some new photos. I decided to check them out, not knowing it would change my mood. I saw a lot of photos with her and her friends....& my dad in them. For a moment, I thought to myself "That should be me there". Was it wrong of me to think that? Was it selfish of me? I don't know, but after everything that's happened in the past 2 years, I just couldn't bring myself to not think that. I mean, what are you supposed to think when your father backed out of your wedding & didn't even stay for photos or reception? Or when he didn't even show up for his son's highschool graduation because he "forgot"? Or when he stops visiting & the phone calls stop coming. Or when everyone calls you on your birthday, but you never get that one call from him? I'll admit, I was pretty down on my 22nd birthday. Everyone called me; my mom, step-dad, other family, but the one person I was hoping to hear from, never called. I figured, okay, maybe he'll call the next day. Never happened. I waited a week for his phone call & it never came. I just don't know anymore. Maybe my husband has been right all along. Maybe he likes his current family more than us. I know I shouldn't think that, but after everything, I have nothing else to think. I just don't know anymore. I've given up him ever contacting us. He knows our numbers & where we live, but there has been no contact in over 2 years. It kills me & I know it bugs my brother to a certain point, even though he'll deny it. I try to keep a positive outlook & hope that one day, I might just hear from him, or better yet, see him. But everytime I see or hear something that triggers and memory of my dad, it just brings me down. It makes me teary eyed knowing that I will most likely never see or hear from my dad. I shouldn't think it, but what else am I suppose to think? Not only did seeing those photos trigger all of this, but my step-sister left my brother a comment telling him he should call his dad. Seriously? After what happened at his graduation, I HIGHLY doubt my brother should be the one calling. Don't you think my dad should be the one calling? I do. Well, my brother sent her a message & told her our dad hasn't tried contacting him in over two years & he wasn't going to call. You know what? I don't blame my brother at all. I don't know my dad's number, so I told my step-sister to tell my dad to call me a while back. Guess what? It NEVER happened. That phone call I wanted, never happened. That's why her comment bugged me so much. He couldn't call me when I asked for him to, so what makes them think my brother's going to?......There's so much more I can say to all of this, but I'd be here all day, if not longer. This has just been bothering me ever since my step-sister left that comment. If you've read this, I appreciate it. I really do. It means a lot that you've made it this far in my post.

On to a happy note, I made a Butterfinge Cake last night =) I'll try to get the reciepe posted on my food blog this week. If you like butterfingers & haven't tried this, it's a MUST =)

Here are the photos I promised =)

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