Monday, March 28, 2011

News Worthy Monday

Good evening bloggers! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I did. I saw Sucker Punch yesterday. It was great, except the ending could have been better. Saturday I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid Part 2. That was pretty funny. Before I get into what I originally came to blog about, I just want to say that Japan needs all the prayers/support that they can get right now. They just had ANOTHER earthquake over the weekend it was a 6.something. They were under a 0.5m tsunami watch, but it was lifted. If you pray, just pause & say a little prayer for them. If you don't pray, please keep them in your thoughts. Also, please continue to keep the 6 month old in your thoughts/prayers. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you can find out here. Now onto the original post: 10 Weird Traffic Laws (according to Yahoo! News)

In Kansas, it is illegal to screech your tires. That's a state law, but there are also local ordinances to back it up. Good thing that's not a law here.
Penalty: a fine up to $500 and/or imprisonment up to 30 days

In Eureka, California, it is against the law to sleep in any public space. That might make you think park bench, but they go so far as to add that you are not to sleep on any sidewalk, alley or street.
Penalty: classified as a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail

In Fort Thomas, Kentucky, it is illegal for your pet to “molest” a vehicle. Yes, that is the actual, unfortunate legal term used in the city ordinance for “animal-related nuisance.”
Penalty: a fine of up to $500

In South Berwick, Maine, it is against the law for you park in front of Dunkin Donuts. You will be ticketed. Specifically, the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street “to a point of 25 feet south.”
Penalty: a fine of up to $175 and/or jail time of up to 30 days

In Rockville, Maryland it’s illegal to swear within earshot of other people, whether you’re on a street, sidewalk or highway.
Penalty: a fine up to $100 and/or jail time up to 90 day

In Minnetonka, Minnesota, it is considered a public nuisance, and therefore illegal for “a truck or other vehicle whose wheels or tires deposit mud, dirt, sticky substances, litter or other material on any street or highway.” If that were the law here, half of the county would be in trouble at times, ha.
Penalty: All violations of the Minnetonka code are subject to fines up to $2,000 but a spokesperson for the city said the city “attempts several other measures to mitigate the situation before pursuing misdemeanor charges.”

In Sag Harbor, New York, it is illegal to take your clothes off in your car. Example: you have to be wearing a bathing suit in public and you can’t disrobe on the street or in your car or in any public place.
Penalty: a fine of up to $100 and/or jail time up to three months

Roller skating may seem like a harmless hobby but if you do it in the street in Canton, Ohio (other than crossing the street, of course) — that’s illegal
Penalty: a fine up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail

In Ohio, it’s illegal to leave a vehicle door open on the side of traffic, pedestrians or bicycles “for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers.”
Penalty: a fine of $90 and possible jail time

In Hilton Head, South Carolina, it is illegal to store trash in your car. I live in SC & didn't even know that.
Penalty: a fine of up to $500 and/or jail time of up to 30 days.

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