Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 10 Gadgets to Lose or Keep

These are the top gadgets you should lose/keep according to Yahoo! Finance.

1) Desktop Computer - LOSE IT

Get a laptop.

2) High-speed Internet @ Home - KEEP IT

3) Cable TV - DEPENDS

For sports, keep it. Otherwise get NetFlix, Hulu Plus, ect..

4) Point-And-Shoot Camera - LOSE IT

It takes better photos than a smartphone, but it may not always be with you. A smartphone will.

5) Camcorder - LOSE IT

Smartphones can capture video and new digital S.L.R. cameras can record HD video.

6) USB Thumb Drive - LOSE IT

File sharing does not require hardware anymore. In almost any case you can think of, you can move files around digitally via the Internet.

7) Digital Music Player - LOSE IT

Smartphones have music players now.

8) Alarm Clock - KEEP IT

9) GPS Unit - LOSE IT

Smartphones can do the same thing.


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