Thursday, November 11, 2010


Last night I sat down & made 2 Jack Skellington Christmas ornaments. If you don't know, I LOVE Jack Skellington. Well I didn't paint it white & now I'm beginning to wonder if I should have. Below are photos of the ornaments. Should I have painted them white first or do they look okay the way they are?

On another note, I found Midnight in my tree. She is worse than a child when it comes to the Christmas tree, lol. Also, miss Calli has be found laying under the tree. Every time I look, she's sleeping under it. I call her my Christmas tree cat :D

Don't forget to click here for your chance to be featured during Dec 1 - Dec 25. As long as you make Christmas items, you can enter :)

I have also started my food blog back up. Check out the latest recipe here.

Last, but not least, I need your help. I'm in three Halloween Costume contests & I need your votes. You can find them up above at the top of the blog. The first one ends Nov 15, the second ends Nov 17 & you can vote each hour, & the third I'm not sure when it ends. To vote on the first one, click the banner, scroll down past my photos, & click "Click here to read or post comments.". You can rate & comment all at once. To vote on the second one, click on "Serial Killer Zombie", then scroll down & click "Save Vote". You can also leave comments there, but you must sign in. And finally, to vote on the third one, click on the banner, & click on "Click here to post comments.".

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