Monday, November 15, 2010

Features, giveaways, & more

Last week, a friend of mine told me some AWESOME news. They found one of our ripped out eyeballs listed in a gift guide on FearNet. Not sure if any of you have ever heard of this website, but it's kinda like a horror site. I think they are trying to get their own TV channel too. Talk about a happy girl when I found out all of that. We ended up having two sales that day & another one the next day. I'm not sure how they came across us, but I'm very happy they did :D

In other news, I won a giveaway a few weeks ago (I know I'm late on posting about it :P ). It was a giveaway for a adjustable wire wrapped ring from melted1. I chose a purple color & it's very pretty. Speaking of giveaways, I've updated my giveaway section. If you have a giveaway or know of one, let me know & I'll add it to my list (& may even enter ;) ).

For all of you Dr.Pepper lovers (like myself), I cam across a recipe my brother gave me last year. It's called Dr. Pepper Cheese Ball & you can find out how to make it on my food blog. I'm thinking about making it for Christmas this year :)

Don't forget to click here for your chance to be featured during Dec 1 - Dec 25. As long as you make Christmas items, you can enter :)

Last, but not least, I need your help. I'm in three Halloween Costume contests & I need your votes. You can find them up above at the top of the blog. The first one ends TODAY, the second ends Nov 17 & you can vote each hour, & the third I'm not sure when it ends. To vote on the first one, click the banner, scroll down past my photos, & click "Click here to read or post comments.". You can rate & comment all at once. To vote on the second one, click on "Serial Killer Zombie", then scroll down & click "Save Vote". You can also leave comments there, but you must sign in. And finally, to vote on the third one, click on the banner, & click on "Click here to post comments.".

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