Monday, November 8, 2010

The Weekend & Christmas

Good morning! How is every one in blog land today? This is the earliest I have EVER written a blog, ha. But I just can't get back to sleep (it's 10:10am & I was up around 8am). This weekend has been a interesting one. Friday I was sick with the flu. That was no fun. I went out & bought some *nasty* Theroflu (the kind you drink). I had to chase it down with another drink. I had a MASSIVE headache & terrible body aches, along with a unfriendly fever. After one pack of Theroflu, the headache eased up just a little. I laid down on the couch to take a nap, only to end up freezing (& it wasn't even cold in here). I had three blankets & a sweat shirt. I could feel my body heat, so I knew that wasn't good when I was still cold. I finally managed to force my self to take another pack of Theroflu (way after the 4 hour mark). That pack was the last pack I took. I went to bed shortly after, only to wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night. I knew the fever had finally broken. When I finally woke up, the body aches were gone, & so was the fever. My ears still felt a lil stopped up, but as of today, I am FLU FREE. Thank God! That mess sucks big time. All I have now is a little cough & a little runny nose. Other than that, I feel wonderful :) The hubby got sick as well, but I don't think he had it as bad as I did. He took Theroflu too & is almost 100% better as well. Theroflu may taste nasty, but it works wonders.

Getting better isn't all the good news I have. Yesterday, we finally got the Halloween decor down & put up Christmas. Yes, already. I like to make it worth while instead of only having it up three weeks. I even got the tree up & lighted, after having a battle with Midnight (the kitten) that is. However, I discovered this morning that Calli (our other cat) may just be our Christmas cat. I found her sound asleep under the tree this morning, lol. I'll post outside photos later. It's kinda cold out & I'm kinda warm & cozy :D

Also, two more costume contests have started for voting. You can find them up above the giveaway section up top. The first one ends Nov 15, the second ends Nov 17 & you can vote each hour, & the third I'm not sure when it ends. To vote on the first one, click the banner, scroll down past my photos, & click "Click here to read or post comments.". You can rate & comment all at once. To vote on the second one, click on "Serial Killer Zombie", then scroll down & click "Save Vote". You can also leave comments there, but you must sign in. And finally, to vote on the third one, click on the banner, & click on "Click here to post comments.".

Last, but not least of the good news, Black Water FX (our shop) has now opened a Christmas section. I have to finish up painting the items (hopefully today), then I can post 'em up in the shop :)

Now that I'm done chit-chatting, how was your weekend? Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Speaking of Christmas, should I decor my blog for Christmas, or is it too early?

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