Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Party/Bash & Contest

The Halloween party / costume contest Saturday was LAME. I had fun walking around, freaking out people, getting my photo taken with 10000 strangers, even made 3 little kids cry by just walking by them, but the costume contest was the lamest thing I have ever seen. The rules were, the judges had to give you a ticket in order for you to be in the contest. One of them stopped directly in front of me, smiled, and walked off. No ticket. I mean, I thought my costume was pretty cool, even worthy for a chance. I don't care so much about winning as I do about being in a contest. My husband does all of my costumes (hand made) & I think he does an amazing job. Everyone that I saw Saturday even thought so. The judges were to busy looking for a stupid lady dressed up in a tampon box. Seriously, a tampon box got a ticket & I didn't... I was very disappointed that night. But I have entered 3 other online contests. Voting has only started for one though & it's the banner up top above the giveaway part. Please click it :) This Halloween I was a Serial Killer Zombie (4 hours of work), Fallout 3 Ghoul (3 hours of work), & a Mutated Cannibal that is pictured below (7 hours of work). Hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween!

P.S.: Please help me in the two Halloween contests that are posted above the giveaways up top. The 2nd one you can vote 5 times per day (even on the same person). Please help me.

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