Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Over due post and review

Hello my lovely blog readers. In case you're wondering, I'm still alive :-) School started on August 23, 2010 & I just haven't had much time to blog. I miss blogging everyday, but school comes first...well before blogging. So what do I have to update you all with today? LOTS! Let's start with what was supposed to start September 1, 2010: the 30 day no meat challenge. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to do it. =[ My motivation for anything lately has be crap. I DO want to do that challenge one day though. Just to see if I have enough will power to do it. Secondly, I finally won my first giveaway. The giveaway was held by Brandy Myers at Giveway Blogdom & it was for a card from Sassy Style Cards It is such a cute little card & even had a cute little message. Photos will be at the end of this blog =] I also order this fabulous Lucy and Ethels Chocolate Factory Explosion-Mini Loaf of Bread from MidnightSnackBaking. I was told it was shipped today & can't wait to get it and try it. =] As for school, it's going good. I'm liking my psychology class. I have my first test Friday at 11am. Hopefully it won't be too hard. I have my first math test next week. I think it may be harder than my psychology class. We shall see. Also, I still sale Avon & we've received Fergie's "Outspoken" collection. Boy does it smell good. For $37 or $40 you can get a 4-piece gift set. Check the bottom for photos. Now for the great news. As you all may know (or not), I help manage my hubby's Halloween shop called Black Water FX. We just officially opened back in July and have already had 3 sales on Etsy. Our latest item sold with LESS than 24 hours of being listed. If that wasn't awesome, I checked our eBay today and one item had 3 bids and one had 2. I don't think that's ever happened. We usually get one bid & that's it. I'm stoked. It seems as if we sell more eyeballs on Etsy and more prosthetics on eBay. Hmmm... I don't know, I'm just glad things are selling =] While we are on the Halloween topic, I have some rather dissatisfied news. Back in August (11th), the hubby ordered some perma-blood from a company called Pale Night Productions. After a few weeks from the purchase date (August 25), we hadn't received the product. I decided to contact, but I checked their website to see if there was anything about delays. There wasn't. Well, they responded and said all outstanding orders will be shipped the next day. Well, I was already frustrated that they never took the time to contact us about late shipping, so I asked them why it was taking over two weeks to be shipped. All I got back was that they were backed up. Before I continue, let's discuss something. If you had a big company & were backed up on items, wouldn't you let your customers know either by posting it on your website or e-mailing the customer? To me, that's unprofessional if you don't let your customers know and shows poor customer service. Well, let's continue shall we? After I got their e-mail, I replied back on August 26 and told them that there wasn't anything at all on their website about this & let them know I didn't appreciate not being told about this until I contacted them. That e-mail was never replied to, & to this day, we have not received the item. But wait, that's not all. My hubby is on a Halloween forum website and posted about this terrible experience. Lo & behold, Pale Night Productions happened to be on their. They were rather mean & called him a vague person etc... Pretty much didn't want to admit that the issue was on their end. Oh, guess what? On September 4, 2010 via the Halloween site, they said "we were out of stock on for a week or so on blood". Um, we order WELL OVER a week ago. The same day, they stated "your order shipped a couple weeks after it was placed". Really? Where's my item then? Yesterday, they said they would check when they got back on Tuesday & said "This is silly, though. I can't believe that you judge our customer service based on the speed of our responses to a forum post over a holiday weekend..." First off, we E-MAILED them way before Labor Day weekend. I honestly think they do not read ANYTHING. If they did, they would know we are talking about customer service via e-mail and nothing about the forum & that the e-mail was sent way before the holiday. They also said most people call them. I'm not calling them, that's what e-mail is for. Plus, it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Don't believe me on any of this? Check the link out here. Now you tell me who's in the wrong here. We contacted them first in a nice manner. You know, I had a good bit of orders last week, but couldn't ship due to the holiday. Did I just leave my customers hanging? NO, I contacted every one of them and explained the issue. That is what you call good customer service. Good customer service doesn't keep you wondering when your item will be shipped or if you're even going to get it. I told the hubby he should open a PayPal case & get his money back, but he really wants this perma-blood. I hope he can find someone else to buy from in the future & not have to deal with these "people" anymore. In case you're wondering, we're not buying from them again. I may not have been the one to order from them, but it erks me enough on how they are "handling" it that I don't want anything to do with them. If I don't have the item when I check the mail today, you best believe they are going to get another e-mail. I usually don't bring up issues with people on here, but it's close to Halloween time & I know some of you make Halloween items. I just want you to be aware of what you might be getting into if you order from these people. Now that that's said & done, check out these great 5 Estians.

JACK-O-LANTERN black and white polka dot boutique bow and matching orange headband
By: SweetandChicBowtique

Trick Or Treat Candy Bin - Orange
By: PoofyCheeks

Trick or Treat Card
By: homemadebyamanda

Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Punk, Halloween, Horror Frankenstein Fishnet Hair Bow
By: originalcenz

Toddler or Child Mini Fabric Trick or Treat Bag
By: MinnieMaes



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