Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Hump Day & Good News

Hello peeps in blog world. I haven't blogged in FOREVER. Actually, Friday was my last post, but it seems like forever. School started Monday & I've been pretty caught up in it that I haven't had anytime to blog (I'm taking Math 110 & Abnormal Psychology). Well, I have nothing but good news :-D. Good news part 1: We (Black Water FX)got our SECOND Etsy sale Monday. That's two sales in two weeks. Yaay. If that wasn't good enough, a person on eBay bought from us last week and AGAIN last night. That made me super happy. I love a returning customer! Makes me feel that not only does someone out there like our items, but they like it enough to come back to us. :-) I was talking to my husband last night about and I asked him how it made him feel and he replied "Like I need to make something else". :) I told him we should make discounts for returning customers, but we'd have to start selling more items in order to do that. We're trying to make items weekly. When we get more materials, it might even be daily. There is one creature in works. He's going to be pricey, but he'll be one of the best yet. Hopefully, we'll start selling more as Halloween gets closer.

Good news part 2: Those stomach cramps that I mentioned in the last blog are GONE. I filled a glass with water and added 1/2 tsp of baking soda. The next day, it was gone. After almost two weeks, I was happy for the relief.

Good news part 3: The debit card got fixed. I found out that a domain name we bought and been renewed. However, when you type the address in, it didn't work. Very odd. Not sure how that all happened, but we don't even use said domain name so Webs refund me the money. Now, I'm just waiting on the money. Still confused how it was renewed, but I'm glad it was for something we had and not something someone else had.

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Check out these 7 great sellers:

Zombie Eaten Ladys Foot
By: Black Water FX

Red Beaded Spider
By: hearttohearts

Kid's Halloween Little Devil costume
By: UniqueOnly

Edible Chocolate Filled Candy Pumpkins 2 DOZEN
By: andiespecialtysweets

Vial of glow in the dark Eyeball beads Red
By: softmountain

Little pumpkins earrings
By: Peggers

Pumpkin Sweetie Sewn Tutu
By: mom2twogals

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