Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally Friday

Not really much to say, but thank God it's Friday. Not really in the greatest of moods either. 1) My debit card was charged $49.95 on & I never made the charge. So I'm having to deal with that. Had to deactivate my card, filled out a paper from PayPal (it was a PayPal Debit Card) & talked with someone from Webs last night. They sent our message over to their billing department and told 'em it was a fraud situation. I asked the billing dept. what the charge was for since I didn't authorize it. This morning I got a e-mail from the billing dept., saying they need more information (such as card type, name on card...) because they couldn't find the charge and they totally ignored my question. I have a right to know, it's MY card. If they don't give me the money back, they're going to be in hot water. I've got the paper filled out to send to PayPal. All I have to do is put a stamp on it and put it in the mail. My husband thinks it's a mix up Webs did because I had my card the whole time. However, I do use it online a lot to pay bills and such. We shall see how this goes. 2) I've been having stomach cramps for the past week. It started doing it just as I would go to bed. Now for the past day or two, it's pretty much all day and night. I have yet to figure out why (I'm not preggers). Sucks major because not only is it uncomfortable, it also makes me feel like crap, especially at night. Hopefully this will go away on its on and very soon.

On a lighter note, schools starts back Monday. Kind of excited, ha. I'm taking a math class (my last one) and a psychology class. I hope I can graduate next summer :). Well, that's all I really have to say today. Oh, I almost forgot. We listed four new items on Black Water FX yesterday. Stop by the shop & let us know what you think :)

Check out these 5 great sellers:

Adorable Pair of Halloween Hair Clips
By: LittleEtteDesigns

HALLOWEEN 0.75X0.83 images for SCRABBLE TILE PENDANT plus 1x1 inch images (4.39)
By: artvision

Halloween Skull Trick or Treat Bags
By: pinkpolkaDotties

Halloween Orange Pumpkin Tags - Set of 6
By: scrapdaisies

Ghost Friends Pumpkin
By: RoseWC96

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Be safe, stay cool, & take care.

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