Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Thursday

I was going to post "20 things you should never buy used" by U.S. News Money. However, some of the items I just don't agree with, such as tires, car seats, laptops, TV, and cameras. Instead, let's check out America's Most Stressful Cities for 2010 according to Yahoo! Real Estate
10) Detroit, Michigan
9) Chicago, Illinois
8) New York, New York
7) Dallas, Texas
6) Miami, Florida
5) Riverside, California
4) Tampa, Florida
3) Houston, Texas
2) Los Angeles, California
1)Las Vegas, Nevada

Now, check out these great sellers.

Jack O'Lantern (S 13) Vintage Scrabble Tile Pendant
By: terraterra

Halloween Ghost Wreath
By: welcomesbypj

Candy Corn Loofah Soap
By: sunbasilgarden

By: slippedstitchstudios

Waiting For Mr. Right Antique / Vintage photo, digital download scan
By: MissKym

WiTcH wooden letter block decor
By: CountrysideSayings

1) Should I feature other holidays (when they get close)?
2) What are some cool Halloween items that should be on here?
3) eBay or Etsy?
4) Let me know if you have a banner/icon/blog button that you would like on my blog (advertisement)

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