Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Hump Day

We had our very first Etsy sale this morning. Yaay. What's funny is I was complaining yesterday about have zero sales on Etsy. So if I complain, I'll get sales? Lol. Nah, I'm really glad we got a sale this morning. I hope we get more since Halloween is getting closer and closer. The hubby was making more items last night. I attempted & failed, ha. I was going to make some girly Halloween items, but I couldn't find my earring making stuff :-(. I'm going to have to search and search because I had some cool ideas. On another note, one of our items was also featured on Sassy Style Cards' blog. Stop by & check it out :)

As you all know (or don't), I've been featuring Halloween items almost every day. I will this do until Halloween is over. My question is, should I do the same thing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, & other holidays? Let me know in a comment below. Also, if you know of any Halloween items that should be on here, let me know of that as well.

I also have another question for you all. Do you prefer eBay or Etsy? Although I sale on eBay, I personally prefer Etsy. Yeah, eBay may have more people, but who's more friendlier? Who appreciates handmade more? For me, Etsy would be the answer.

1) Should I feature other holidays?
2) What are some cool Halloween items that should be on here?
3) eBay or Etsy?
4) Let me know if you have a banner/icon/blog button that you would like on my blog (advertisement)

Check out these 5 great items:

Skull Urn Covered Jar
By: skullhouse

Lady Death Skeleton Sterling Silver Cameo Ring
By: janedeaux

30 Halloween Buttons- Trick or Treat Party Favors

Black Tower, crow and skull, original art, gothic painting
By: sarada

We Love to Party
By: JeanKnee

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