Thursday, August 5, 2010

Most Romantic Cities in America

According to Yahoo!

1) Honolulu, HI - Oh how I want to visit there.

2) Charleston, SC - Very pretty & only about 3 hours away from me.

(Slide show are photos from the last time I went)

3) San Francisco, CA - Visited about 9 years ago. Very pretty

(I would post my photos, but I don't have any on my computer. Maybe another day)

4) New Orleans, LA

5) Santa Fe, NM

6) San Diego, CA

7) San Antonio, TX

8) Las Vegas, NV - Wouldn't mind this snazy place either.

9) Miami, FL - Visited last year. So pretty.

(Second photo is when I went to FL to board my cruise)

10) New York, NY - Another place to visit

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