Friday, August 6, 2010

So loved!

Today I went to check my blog and to see if there were any new comments, and there was! A very nice, yaay, awesome comment. I won a blog award from Anna. How awesome. THANK YOU, ANNA! Now I have to pass this great award on. The hard part? I can only pick seven blogs. I also have to share seven things about myself. So here it goes.

1) I'm a sharpie obsessed girl
2) I'm left handed
3) I'm not fond at all of yellow, but one of my favorite shirts is a yellow shirt.
4) I'm a gamer and would love to be a video game tester.
5) I'm always getting mistaken for being much younger than I am (17/16 & I'm 23)
6) I was born on Friday the 13th
7) And last but now lest, I cannot sleep in complete silence.

Here is your award to post proudly on your blog and pass it on to seven other lucky bloggers...

& now the hard part.
1) cabin + club - Wonderful blogger. I always love the photos she posts with her postings.
2) When T Rules The World - I always love reading what will happen when T rules the world.
3) Short Southern Momma - Another lovely southern lady
4) Freak Smack - Just recently found them, but they have some silly postings.
5) Crafting...Or Something Like That - Wonderful postings.
6) Audreys Country Crafts - Always a interesting post to read.
7) A View From The Furry Side - Doggy inspired blog. Very cute!

Here is an award she also had & I'm giving it to all of you. Yes, you. Even you over there in the corner & you in the kitchen. Hey, get off the floor...come get your award :-)
For having such great blogs, I have never came across one I didn't want to read. All of you have nice, unique blogs.

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