Friday, August 13, 2010

Freaky Friday

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

Did You Know?:
*Fewer accidents and reports of fire and theft occur when the 13th of the month falls on a Friday because people are preventative more careful or just stay home
*Driving is slightly safer on Friday the 13th
*The longest period that can occur without a Friday the 13th is 14 months, either from July-Sept. the following common year (e.g. between 2001-2002 and 2012-13), or from Aug.-Oct. the following leap year (e.g. between 2027-28).
*Any month beginning on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th
*There is at least one Friday the 13th each calendar year
*I was born on Friday the 13th :-)
*Paraskavedekatriaphobia means a fear of Friday the 13th & Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13
*Many buildings don't count their 13th floors (hospitals and hotels)
*There is no 13th Avenue in San Francisco, instead Funston Avenue is between 12th and 14th Avenues
*It is said if you have 13 letters in your name, you have the Devil's luck
*Many airports skip the 13th gate & airplanes have no 13th aisle
*Italians omit the number 13 from their national lottery
*On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 and a half
*Traditionally in hangings, there are 13 knots in the noose and 13 steps leading up to the moment of death
*Tarot Card number 13 is the Death Card, depicting the Grim Reaper
They say black cats are bad luck. Well, I have one. Isn't she cute! Bad luck? Nah

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