Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Today is Wishful Wednesday, but not just any wish. I've decided to give it a theme: gaming.  Here are a few items on my Etsy Wish list

PS3 Controller Soap - Blackberry scented
By: Digitalsoap

By: chiwaluv

PS2/PS3 Controller Pillow
By: BleedingHeartsCos

Evolution of Gaming Soap
By: Digitalsoap

PS2 Controller Cat Toy
By: GEEKitty

PlayStation 8GB Storage Device
By: DareDream

Nintendo controller Pillow Cover
By: Modernality

Vinyl Nintendo Tote
By: inhope

I have a lot of other items. Maybe I'll post them another time :-)

Other wishfulness:
1) Get back into my graphic business
2) Get my paranormal back up and running
3) Get back into crafting
4) Blog daily
5) Get back into my review blog
6) Stop procrastinating (yeah right)
7) Graduate college
8) Find a good school for graphic designing
9) Eat healthier
10) Lay off the soda (even thought I only drink diet)

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