Friday, July 30, 2010

Chiwaluv Amigurumi Critters

It's a late post, but I promise you'll like it =) Why? Because I am featuring a wonderful Etsian: Chiwaluv Amigurumi Critters. I found this great shop when I was looking for items during my Wishful Wednesday post. One of my favorite items from this shop is Sackboy (from LittleBigPlanet). Now, enjoy a little Q&A with Chiwaluv Amigurumi Critters :-)

Q How did you come about your creations?
A My creations are ideas that "pop" into my head, once I get an idea, I just begin crocheting, and I always write down what I am doing , as I go! That way I can repeat the same item, plus write patterns for others to enjoy. Occasionally I will hand sketch out an object on paper, then crochet an item from my sketch.

Q How long have you been making these items?
A I have been crocheting for nearly 40 years, I made my first crocheted rug in sixth grade, I discovered the art of "amigurumi" crochet, in 2007, and have not looked back, I love the simple idea of sculpting a child's toy or a work of art with yarn.

Q Is this a job or a side hobby?
A I work full time outside the home, (I am a Professional Pet Stylist)- so I guess this is an obsessive hobby, I always have a crochet or knitting project in the works. I tend to be very artistic, so this craft comes very natural to me.

Q What is one of your favorite shop items?
A Favorite shop item....mmmmmm well its to hard to narrow it down to just one item, I am very pleased with my "Cockatiel" , "Coco the pony", oh and my Sackboy line....I love and make them, as well as play the PS3 game , when I can find the time!! Each item is dear to me , when they are being created, and no matter how many of the same item's I have made, each one seems to take on their own distinct personality.

Q Anything else you would like to share?
A For anyone who is fearful of learning to crochet or knit, just dive in, make some mistakes ( we all do, even the pro's) and whip you up a little something special from the heart! Amigurumi is a simple crochet that is worked in rounds, most of it consists of one stitch , called a single crochet. I am also a self taught knitter of 4 years. I have an adorable hubby , who is kind and very patient with my crafting psychosis. I am the proud mommy of three little long hair Chihuahua's, my Shop was named in love with honor of this dog breed - "Chi-wa-luv Amigurumi Critters"


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