Monday, August 2, 2010

Digital Soaps

Another shop I found while doing my Wishful Wednesday post.  I absolutely love this shop.  Here's a little Q&A with Digital Soaps.  Enjoy.

Q How did you come about your gaming controller soaps? 
A I started making soap by accident. The idea came while searching the Internet for 5.25-inch floppy disk chocolate (I used to get the candy as a child, at a store called Computer City). Instead of finding chocolate, I found a ton of candy electronics molds. First I thought I might make chocolate. But I wanted to make something that wouldn't melt! My first game controller soap was a PS2 controller. It was so popular, I started expanding into other game controllers. Now, the store is mostly focused on gaming. 

Q I noticed you have Mountain Dew scented items. How did you come about that creation?
A I don't remember exactly. I just know when I found the Mountain Dew fragrance, it seemed like the perfect pairing. I knew Xbox and Mountain Dew had a joint promotion at one time. My brother, a total computer geek, always had Mountain Dew bottles strewn around his room. Gamers love Mountain Dew, and so Mountain Dew controllers are right on target. The idea led to the concept of Mountain Dew-scented shampoo, body wash, and eventually conditioner and lotion. 

Q How long have you been making these items? 
A I started making soap in January 2009, just a year and a half. It has grown very fast. 

Q Is this a job or a side hobby?  
A It was a side hobby. But it turned into a second full-time job fast. When I started making soaps I was working as a daily news reporter. But by April, I reduced my reporter hours to part time. Then, in November, I quit the newspaper business altogether. Now, I work on my business full time, creating new products, marketing, shipping and answering customer questions. 

Q What is one of your favorite shop items?
A The Xbox replica soap is my favorite. Every time I finish one, I am amazed at how realistic they look.

Q Anything else you would like to share?
A I just started caffeinating my soaps! Now, gamers can get a caffeinated Mountain Dew-scented Xbox controller. Caffeine is absorbed through the skin. Thank you for the interview. I think your blog is fantastic. 


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