Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free condoms to 6 year olds with no parent say so

So, I just heard on the news that condoms will be given out in a certain school and the parent has no say so in it. The student will also get a lecture on sex as well. But this free-condom-no-parent-say starts at FIRST GRADE! Seriously? Wtf! First graders shouldn't even know what all that even is. They should be out playing, etc. It's one thing to teach them about it, but to offer first graders condoms & the parent has absolutely no say in it? That's going too far. I'm sorry, but if I was the parent of a 1st grader at that school, I WILL have a say so. It's one thing to offer it to high schoolers, but I don't think it's right to offer it to ELEMENTARY students. Some maybe already having sex, but does it make it right to give them a condom without their parent knowing? "Here, go have sex. You're parent won't know". Idiots. Apparently parents no longer have rights. Let's go give them drugs and beer while we're at it... A 6 year old should be playing with toys and wondering about when their next cartoon show is coming on. Not about sex and condoms. What's next? Birth control pills?
Free Condoms to 6 year olds

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