Friday, May 7, 2010

I have nothing against them, but this is stupid!

I came across this news article Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap. On Cinco de Mayo, they made students turn their American flags inside out. The school people even stated "The issue was, there was nothing going on. There was no sense of violence at all amongst the students, there was no conversation, there was no bullying." Then why make kids do hide their American pride like that? Cinco de Mayo has nothing to even do with the Mexican Independence. Cinco de Mayo means 5th of May, not Mexican Independence. Mexican Independence is on September 16th. Yeah, May 5th is a celebration of Mexican heritage, but if you want to celebrate it, don't come to AMERICA and not expect to see American items on that day. Secondly, this is AMERICA! We are FREE to show our AMERICAN pride any day of the freakin' week. If you're offended by the AMERICAN flag, go back to the country you came from. This is down right ridicouls. I can understand if the school had past issues with Mexican-American students, but they haven't. It was just like any other day. Isn't it true that making the students turn their shirts inside out or get sent home, take away one of their rights? Yeah, I thought so. I can care less if Mexicans wanted to wear their colors on OUR independence day. So why should they care? One student said the American kids were being disrespectful. How is wearing your countries colors in your country disrespectful? I'm sorry, but if I wake up and want to wear an American shirt, I'm going to wear it regardless of the day. What's disrespectful is going to another country & celebrating your country there. Why should we be forced to change our American clothing just because Mexicans want to show their Mexican pride? That's taking away our right. If they were so worried about violence breaking out, why didn't they make the Mexican kids change their shirts? As I stated above, it wouldn't offend me if Mexicans wanted to wear their colors whenever, but I'm taking this from an American stand point. This is AMERICA, not Mexico. If you're offended by the American flag, go back to Mexico. You don't see Americans in Mexico on 4th of July chanting "Viva La America". So why should they be allowed to come here and chant "Viva La Mexico" & not expect to see American clothing/flags. Go back home if you're offended!!!

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