Friday, April 30, 2010

WBC = Stupid, brainwashed, idiotic people

Last night, I watched videos of "WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH - WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CALVINISTS". Oh my God, what a bunch of brainwashed, stupid, idiotic people! They claim to be a CHURCH?!?! They're not a church, they're a freaking CULT! They laugh in the face of dead soldiers. If it wasn't for those soldiers, they wouldn't be able to live in such a GREAT country. They even go as far as to PICKET the funerals. They say God hates America. I'm sorry, but the God I know, is a LOVING God. They say that homosexuality is on the ten commandments as "Thy Shall Not Commit Adultery". Hello! Being gay has not one single thing to do with adultery. Last time I checked, adultery was when a married person engaged in sexual activity with another married person other than their spouse. Let me rephrase that, they said "fag" is what adultery is. Um, no! The word fag means cigarette. These people claim to be a church, yet they apparently don't even know what the 10 commandments are and don't even know what adultery is. These people are even against Sunday school meetings, yet they claim to be a church. Huh? That makes absolutely no sense to me. I have an idea. Since they hate America so much and think everyone that's not apart of them is "doomed", let's gather them up and drop them in Baghdad or somewhere. One part of the video, a child about 10 or 11 got hit in the head with a drink cup by a random driver during one of their pickets. I felt bad for the kid, but what do you expect when you have your kids out there doing this crazy nonsense? I feel bad that these kids are brainwashed into something like this. The interviewer asked one child what "Fag Troop" means (it was on their sign). She didn't even know. Therefore, these kids have absolutely no idea as to what they're doing. These people should be ASHAMED of themselves. They say they aren't a cult because they do not have absolute control over their members, yet they MAKE everyone of them pay 10% of their income. Is it just me, or does that seem like control? Someone's going to hurt them one day and I won't feel bad one bit. These people pretty much said that death makes them happy. It makes them happy when people die from cancer, car accidents, etc. They say it's God's doing. What the heck is wrong with these people?!?!?! They make me sick to my stomach. I've posted part one of the video. There's about 7 or 8 parts. Watch the videos if you haven't. They're coming to a few schools here May 21st I believe. I better not see them. Here is part of a song they sing. It's sung to the tune of "God Bless the USA". "I’m ashamed to be an American, where the fags can freely roam / They spread their filth around this land, every pervert calls it home / So I’ll gladly stand up – with a picket sign – and proclaim God’s word today / Cuz there ain’t no doubt about this land – God hates the USA" You can find the rest of their filth here. I've also posted a link for the petition against these idiots. Please, PLEASE sign it. Feel free to leave any comments. I'm eager to hear what you all have to say.
WBC Petition

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

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