Wednesday, April 28, 2010

√Save, メDelete, & ►Play

I was on FaceBook tonight and came across a page titled "I wish my memories came with "√ Save", "メ Delete" and "► Play" buttons". Let's analyze this, shall we? If we could play back all of our memories and delete the ones we do not want, wouldn't that be like deleting a part of our lives? If that memory gets deleted, it's like it never happened. Therefore, you're deleting part of your life. Wouldn't that change who we are today? Sometimes I wish I had a delete button for certain memories, but even those memories have made me the person I am today. I believe our "bad" memories make us stronger and better people. At least mine did. I even wish I had a delete button for certain people, but then again, I wouldn't know some of the people without the "bad" people. Now you may say, we already have a "delete" button. We tend to block out certain memories so that we don't remember them. But what if someone brought that memory back up. You would still remember it (if they tried hard enough) wouldn't you? Therefore, the memory isn't truly "deleted". So, I'm not a fan of the delete button, because I wouldn't want to change who I am today. I am however a fan of the play and save button. I would love more than anything to have a button to save every memory I wanted and be able to play them whenever. Wouldn't a Edit button be cool too? Playback all those bad memories and edit them to good memories. Now wouldn't that be awesome? Of course it would, but unfortunately it's not possible. Sadly enough, we can't "edit" life. Now I ask you, Bloggers, would you use the "delete" button if you had it or do you think that deleting certain memories will effect who you are today?

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