Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deny and Block!

Let me start off by saying that I am a gamer.  I am a member of psnfriends.com and playfire.com  Both are great sites.  However, I read some important information on another psnfriends.com  If someone of the name daniel-25-2010 adds you on PS3, deny and block them.  He apparently adds you, sends naked photos, and invites you to a chatroom (CONVITE) where he sends photos of children in sexual positions.  This happened to a person on psnfriends.com  I was playing Wii last night and happened to get on my PS3 and had a request from him along with at least 33 chatroom invites.  I didn't know about him at the time.  After I accepted the add, I read the post on the website.  I told him if he messaged me again, I would block him and report him to the FED and SONY.  He kept sending me messages and invites so I blocked him and filed a complaint on SONY.  If he would have sent me those photos, I would have reported him to the FEDs.  He tried to send me a photo attachment, but nothing was there.  I also read he is linked with "michellebrasil" and "samantha_22".  A while back, I received a add request from samantha_22.  She sent a photo of her in a shirt and undies.  However, she has since been deleted and never contacted me again.  I also understand that this is happening to the females mostly.  If any of these try to add you, please deny, block, and report them.  If SONY receives 10 complaints on a person, they will be suspended for 90 days.  People like daniel-25-2010 need to be put away for life, not suspended for 90 days.

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