Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was on my Etsy shop (TieMeUpApparel) tonight relisting some items and adding new items when I seen something that blew my mind. I happened to look at the views on my items and I saw one item view that I would have never expected and cannot believe. My Christmas Glass Bottle Decor has 13,627 views. I just listed it this past December. I cannot believe it has that many views and it has not been sold. All of my other items, even on my other two shops (Ribbon Board Designs and Banner-Mart) only have views in the double and triple digits. I believe the highest is in the 500. This 13,627 views is unbelievable.

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For more great news, I have listed 3 new items on Etsy.

Pink floral white tote

I have added the following to the tote:
Flower designs
13.5in x 13.5in x 3.5in
(34.29cm x 34.29cm x 8.89cm)
Pink embroidered name/initials would look great on this!

Cherry White Tote

You can have your name under the cherry in silver lettering for no additional charge.
I have added the following to the tote:
Cherry in the middle
Clear gems across the top (added by hand, one by one)
13.5in x 13.5in x 3.5in
(34.29cm x 34.29cm x 8.89cm)

Black and purple money holder PIGGY BANK

This stylish piggy bank/money holder is perfect for any girl of any age. I have painted it with non-toxic black paint with purple ribbon crossed on it. I have also placed 1 clear gem at each intersection for a total of 96 gems. The bottom of the container is also black. The lid is painted purple glitter. If you wish to put a name on the lid, I can do so for no extra charge. Standing up, it is about 14.5cm tall. Laying on it's side, it is about 9.5cm. The lid is made out of plastic and the container is made out of cardboard.

I have another item to be listed, but it's a suprise. I'll list it tomorrow =)

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