Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Laptop, new Etsy Items

It looks like I'm going to have to get a new laptop soon. My computer did the "Blue Screen of Death" yesterday. It's only a year old =( I'm never getting another Vaio. I've had so many issues with this one, it's not even funny. I hadn't even had it for a year and the CD/DVD-Drive was messed up (the button wouldn't open it), it started to get super hot, the screen went out, and it did the Blue Screen of Death. Thank God for warrenty. Even though they said they fixed it, it still gets very hot, even though I have it sitting on a cooling thing. Sometimes the bottom will get so hot, you can't even touch it. So I've made up my mind. Getting this one fixed, reformate it, sell it, and get a Toshiba. Vaio's suck. The last time I got this one fixed, a lady in front of me had a Vaio that was getting worked on. Luckly I still have my Compaq Desktop computer. Hopefully the laptop won't mess up until I get around to getting a new one. After using a laptop for so long, I don't want to have to resort to my desktop, ha. Not only that, I don't feel like finding a place to put it and hooking it up, *lol*.

I also listed 3 new items on my Etsy shop Tie Me Up Apparel. The first photo below is a H.I.M. Red Logo Black Ribbon Necklace/Choker. The 2nd one is a H.I.M. Black Tie Necklace/Choker. Both of these are ribbon chokers. The photos are made from a button. Don't worry, I've removed the pin from the the buttons. The button is carefully placed in the center of the ribbon. The ribbon ties at the back.

The next necklace is a Breast Cancer Ribbon Necklace. It has a pink Breast Cancer pendant attached to it. Don't worry, I've removed the pin from the back of the pendant. The pendant also has a pink gem in the bottom left corner. The ribbon ties at the back. The ribbon is pink sheer.

I also made a new line of banners for my other Etsy shop Banner-Mart. These are Premade Snow Banners. I am going to try to work on some different ones later today.

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