Sunday, December 20, 2009

eBay is the Scum of the Earth

So, I've decided to end it with eBay. After I pay my invoice, I'm closing down shop. Tonight I am taking down all items that don't have watchers. After I pay, everything will be down and I will never have to deal with them again. What made me decide to do this? Three incidents that were not my fault.

1) Gamecube Controller- A buyer bought it and sent some pretty mean and uncalled for messages after leaving negative feedback. That goes against eBay's policy. I contacted eBay and they said to let some other department know and the feedback would be removed. I did as told and they pretty much told me to stop contacting them and they aren't going to delete it.
2) Shirt- A lady left negative feedback saying one was too small and one had a very tiny hole in it. That was after she told me it was no big deal. Plus the so-called hole was like a stick pin hole. You'd have to get a magnifying glass out to see it.
3) DS Lite Case- A lady bought the case and told me there was a scratch on it and she could not use it. That was a total lie. I even compared the photo I took with the stock photo and they are identical. Plus, I know there wasn't a scratch on it. She left negative feedback and said I denied her a refund/exchange. I left a follow up with my opinion on it. If she was smart enough to read the policy, she would know that I do not accept refunds or exchanges. She then opened a eBay case about it and acted like a complete snob about it. Totally uncalled for. She said the feedback was a personal attack, that I refused to discuss the issue, she didn't want a refund but wanted the feedback revised. That was a total lie. First off, I never attacked her. Secondly, she never contacted me again after saying it was scratched, so how could I denied discussing it? I left my two-cents on the case and they said they would contact again in 48hours. That was last night. I checked it this morning and they closed the case and issued her a refund even though she said she didn't want one.

eBay is very unfair to it's sellers. Everything is always the seller's fault. Buyer's can make up any kind of lie (like the DS Case lady) and they would believe them regardless. Well I am done with them. They have pissed me off for the last time. I'm not complaining about negative feedback. I can care less about it, but they don't treat the sellers like they should be treated. Well I got news for them. You can have a business without sellers!!! I am not putting up with their crap again. I will never use them again. It would make my day if they went out of business. Mean? I think not. They deserve it.
So now I'm on a search to find somewhere else to sell items.

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