Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog books, Points 2 shop, Sales

I was looking for a new layout when I came across Print Your Blog, Sell Your Blog Book! on The Cutest Blog on the Block. It's wonderful. Make your blog into an actual book. You can even try it free to see what it looks like. I did it and it's really neat. It's about $70-$80, but that's cheap if you do a lot of blogging.

I also found this other site Points2Shop. It's cool if you like video games and stuff. You get 250 points for signing up and you can play games to earn more. You can cash them out on a Target, GameStop, Amazon, and some other places on gift cards. $1 per point, so 250 points is $2.50. It doesn't cost anything to use. You can set goals and mine is a Modern Warfare2 Xbox for 690,000 points. This isn't a 'Get Free Things' site. In fact, nothing in life is free. However, this is a site that you can use to EARN things that you would otherwise have to pay for. I know, you're probably thinking 'How is that possible!' Well, it's possible because advertisers place their links on the website. Then members like myself go and complete the offers that we are interested in. When I do an offer, the site gets paid for bringing me to that advertisers website. When Points2Shop gets paid, they give me a portion of that payment so that I can then get things from

Also sales for The Wonder Trunk start tonight at 11:59est and end Jan. 2, 2010 at 11:59pm est. It's the biggest sale of the year. Head on over to, The Wonder Trunk and check it out!

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