Friday, November 20, 2009

Gov., media, censorship, regulations

Should the media be regulated? By the government? Is there a difference between censorship and regulation?
The media in all forms should be regulated some what. The government needs to step in and regulate it. The media cares about money and only money. They do not care about who they hurt, how they make women look publicly, who they make look bad or anything else. It is all about the money to them. The media portrays women as a piece of meat/property. Women are not a piece of meat/property, we are human just like men are. I think some of these people that sing about women and how they are basically just a piece of meat or just someone to please them, need to stop and realize what they are saying. I know some may say they want to be role models to the youth, but how is it possible when they are singing about women that way? In my opinion, when girls and boys see things on TV or movies, they think it is okay for them to do what they see, regardless of what it is. I do not think there is really any difference between censorship and regulation. I am all for Freedom of Speech, but certain things need to be regulated, if not for our sake, then for the sake of the younger generations. I believe it is hard to teach kids what is right when all they see is the complete opposite on TV, games, and in movies. Although the media needs to be regulated, you can not completely blame the media on a child's action. The parent(s) play a big role in that as well.

So, I ask you, bloggers, what are your thoughts?

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