Friday, November 20, 2009

Should online dating services be regulated?

In my opinion, online dating services should be regulated by the government. People do not know who they are talking to on the other side of the computer screen. I believe that they should know the identity and other things about the other person. However, I do not think it should be allowed to self regulate. If the industry is allowed to self regulate, then I do not think it will protect people from criminals, people who lie about their marital status, and other people of that nature. By letting the government regulate these sites, I feel that online dating services will be protected better and will protect the members from criminals and such that try to sign up on these sites. With this being said, I have not used an online dating service and never would use them. I would not use them because I would not feel safe using it. If I were a person that used them, I would not feel comfortable talking to someone on a online dating service site that could possibly be a criminal or married. I do not trust sites like that and probably never will. I never trust a site that allows you to communicate to another person, unless I actually know the person personally.

Should it be regulated?

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