Sunday, March 8, 2009

Third Tattoo

I went and got my 3rd tattoo yesterday. It's a Gemini with a hooked moon and stars. It's located on my right shoulder. While I was getting it, I was talking to the tattooist about the big star on my lower back. He use to work at the place I got it done, so he new the guy that did it. He doesn't like the guy because the guy told him he didn't care about the work, only the money. It's been ALMOST a year since I got the star and you can STILL feel the outline of it. The guy pressed waaay to hard on it. When I bend over and the star stretches out, you can see lots of spots he missed. The guy at Planet Ink Tattoos said it would cost around $100 to get it fixed. I told the guy, the Fantasy Ink guy told me that I had perfect skin for tattoos. He still couldn't believe he did the crappy job he did. The star was done at Fantasy Ink in Calabash, NC. So if you ever go there, do NOT let the heavy hand guy tattoo you, unless you want crappy work or want to get it redone. But anyways, I'm very pleased with the new work. It didn't hurt at all. In fact, I almost went to sleep, ha. Here's a photo!

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