Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So let's see. I haven't done a full update since Jan 27, 2009. Wow, that's been a long time ha. A good bit has happened since then. I've moved from where I was staying. It was just up the road. A lot of stuff has went down in the past 2 months or so. I won't get into what happened and I won't mention any names. But people show their real colors when you least expect it. They go behind your back, spreading lies about you. A backstabber indeed. Maybe they do it just to make themselves feel better. Or maybe for some other reason. I have no idea. People like that don't deserve to be in my life, they don't deserve my time, which is why that person is no longer in my life and never will be again. Ya know, I was looking at some graphics for MySpace the other day and came across one that is so very true. "It's funny how friendships are made with many actions but can be broken by one". So true because many actions lead up to a friendship. You start out not knowing them, then you start talking and hanging out and such and before you know it, you're friends. But one simple thing can break that friendship for good. I also don't understand how people can cheat on other people. Even if you are married and thinking about leaving (even for the dumbest reason ever), it doesn't give you any right to go date other people. You are still MARRIED and that is still CHEATING. I despise of those kind of people. I'm glad I no longer associate with those kind of people. Aside from all the drama that's happened, I did get another tattoo. It's on my right shoulder and it's a Gemini. My favorite tattoo that I have ha. I want more (not like tons more though). They are so dang addictive ha. Anyways, I'm getting married to my love in about two weeks. Going on a cruise the week after. So excited and can't wait. I've been busy every Saturday for the past month trying to get last minute things done. I'm having it at a church here in town. It's at the end of my road which is only like less than a minute away :-) I'm having a hard time finding hairstyles though. I have short layers and it's just to my shoulders. I may have to get extensions for the style I want ha. Aside from that, life's going pretty good. It's starting to look up since some people aren't in it any longer. I still keep my brothers for my mom while she works. They are sooo cute. They can say sissy, sister, deer, turkey, mama, and daddy. One of 'em can say "I did it" lol. It's cute. Makes me want a kid, but then again I couldn't give 'em back at the end of the day ha. Well I think I'ma end this. I hope to update before I leave for the cruise. I will defiantly update when I return. Take care!

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