Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Two of 2009

I have 2 weeks of people lined to be featured on here. After that, I will be featuring 1 advertisement (from my advertisement section) a day. If you wish to be a advertisement, it's a one time fee of $3. Contact me for my info on that (or leave your e-mail and I'll get back to you). Thanks and enjoy today's feature.

Today we start day two of 2009 off by featuring LisitaGlamita She makes cute whimsies, hair candy, and ornaments. I recently had a chance to ask her some questions. Maybe you'll see how her world is.

1) How long have you been making the things you make?
I've been making for about a year

2) What inspires your work?
My work is inspired by everything cute, sanrio, kristen ferrell (artist), freyagushi (clothing company), candy and cute foods. Basically it's like cute on crack.

3) What is the hardest of your work to make?
The hardest thing to make is the stuffing that I use in the sugar skulls because I make it out of old felt and it takes awhile and pricks my fingers a lot.

4) With saying that, what is the most difficult part in making any of it?
The most difficult part of making is baking the clay because if you bake it wrong it cracks.

5) You have some neat items such as the Ooak Sugar Skulls. Did you come up with those creations, or was it a inspiration?
I came up with the ooak sugar skulls by myself, sittin in bed with a cold! I'm inspired by all the sugar skull artwork in southern California (where I live) and by my family's traditions.

6) My future sister-in-law told me about Etsy, how did you find out about it?
I found out about etsy by accident, while surfing the web looking for japanese stickers.

7) Any upcoming ideas for the new year?
Upcoming ideas include a whole line of medical fetish accessories and dreadfalls!

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