Thursday, January 1, 2009

Start 2009 off with a new feature

Today we start 2009 off by featuring Angellove91805 She makes lovely bangles, earrings, bracelets, and trinket boxes. I recently had a chance to ask her some questions. Maybe you'll see how her world is.

1) How long have you been making the things you make?
Over 1 year, I also crochet for over 20 years now.

2) What inspires your work?
art work, weather, sometimes just a bead will inspire a creation.

3) What is the hardest of your work to make?
circular trinket boxes. they are the hardest for me to make correctly. I can make triangle, square and all other ones but the circle is the hardest.

4) With saying that, what is the most difficult part in making any of it?
the sides.

5) You have some neat items such as the trinket boxes. Did you come up with those creations, or was it a inspiration?
I got the basis directions from Julia S. Pretl, but the patterns are my own. With the one that is listed as my icon now, that image just came to me when I was asked to make it for a proposal. A friend of mine is getting married (hopefully if she says yes) and he asked me to design something for the ring. the image is a combination of his and her intial. S and M. They are also from India so I had that as an inspriation too.

6) My future sister-in-law told me about Etsy, how did you find out about it?
sufing the web.

7) Any upcoming ideas for the new year?
Mostly completing the season line. I have spring, and autumn. now i have to come up with winter and summer.

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