Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Glister Craft

Happy hump day everyone!!!  Half way through the work week :)  Today's feature is for all you flower fans: Glister Craft.  Each shop, I try to post my favorite item, but I'm having a hard time with this one, ha.  All of her items have such pretty colors, that it's hard to pick just one.  I really love her Nylon Calla Lily though.

Q How did you come up with your shop name?
A I've wanted the word craft in my shop name from the very beginnging. The first name I thought of was SplendorCraft, but it was already taken by another user. Then, I thought of one of the first items I came up with for my shop, a dandelion that was inspired by a video game that was recently recommended to me by a friend. I saw that no one on the web was selling the same exact item and decided to make a real life model of it. Another item in the game is a Glistering Melon. To glister means to shine or sparkle. It hit me, GlisterCraft! The perfect name!

Q Do you only sell on Etsy?
A Yes, I only sell on Etsy, but I hope to make my own website someday.

Q What inspires you?
A I'm always inspired by nature and I feel that flowers are one of the best creations of nature. There are so many different kinds and there's really no right or wrong. If someone tells me my flower isn't accurate, I can just say that there are many different types of azaleas or any other flower.

Q What is the hardest part of what you do?
A The hardest part of making flowers is deciding which flower to make next! There are so many different types of flowers that it's difficult to choose!

Q What is one of your favorite items from your shop?
A My favorite item from my shop is the Rose Dangle Earrings. They are the staple of my jewelry collection and I don't know what I would do without them! They go with so many outfits and look wonderful! I handmake them and I offer them in three colors: red, blue, and violet

Q What made you decide to use Etsy instead of sites like ArtFire and MadeItMySelf?
A I chose Etsy because a friend of mine commented in passing that she sold her paintings on Etsy and I've bought some gifts for friends on Etsy. So, when I decided to start selling, I knew exactly where to turn! Before I joined Etsy, I had never heard of any other marketplace for handmade goods (except maybe Ebay). Therefore, they must not be as popular. Also, I've heard that Artfire doesn't get a lot of traffic anymore ever since cancelling all of their basic accounts.

Q Is Etsy your only "job" or is it something you do on the side?
A Well, I guess it's my only job, but also what I do on the side. It's on the side compared with school, but school really isn't a job, so it's my job too!

Q Are you attending any art shows in the future?
A With school and all, I'm too busy to forsee any art shows.

Q Any future projects?
A I'm about to come out with a new line of hairclips/pins! Be on the lookout!

"Do something you love so you don't give up as easily and make lots of good friends on Etsy to help you along!" - Grace

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