Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chatter Blossom

I hope everyone's day is going swell.  Here is shop #2 of the day: Chatter Blossom.  I've never heard of this shop until now, but their name automatically makes me want to check 'em out!  One of my favorite items is the Aqua Flower Hair Clip

Q: How did you come up with your shop name?
A: I wanted something related to flowers and stories. I laid in bed one night wide awake tossing around synonyms for those words until I found something that clicked. ChatterBlossom? Yeah!

Q: Do you only sell online?
A: As of now, I only sell online. I just recently started my business and I'm still trying to get my feet wet and get the word out. I would love to have some face to face time someday though!

Q: What inspires you?
A: Inspiration? Mixes of vintage clothing, bygone eras, english countryside, flowers and flowers, gardens, tea and scones, outrageous hats, romantic classics, my grandmother – and many more add to my cloud of inspiration.

Q: What is the hardest part of what you do?
A: The hardest part, I think, is just starting from scratch and trying to get noticed. Creating is easy and loving doing it is even easier

Q: What is one of your favorite items from your shop?
A: One of my favs is Art Deco Fascinator, Feather Flower Hair Accessory  I love art deco and this was my twist on that era.

Q: Do you only sell on Etsy? If yes, what made you decide to use Etsy instead of sites like ArtFire and MadeItMySelf?
A: Currently, I only sell on Etsy. I chose that because I was already a buyer on etsy and love the venue's feel. I'm not a whiz with technology, so I didn't hunt around a lot for other venues at first. I may check out other sites in addition to etsy in the future. Please let me know in the comments if anyone has some good tips or sites they like.

Q: Is Etsy your only "job", or is it something you do on the side?
A: ChatterBlossom is my full time baby. I plan on starting a small flower farm one day that will be also be under that same name. I am so excited for that possibility that will hopefully be realized in a year or two.

Q: Are you attending any art shows in the future?
A: No art shows on the docket. I'm a recent transplant to North Carolina and am trying to get my grounding here. My current plan is to create and stock up for the holidays.

Q: Any future projects?
A: Yes, future projects are in works! And I'm so excited about them! I had to take a cross-country drive recently and was able to find some amazing vintage pieces (mainly beautiful buttons). My brain is a buzzin' with all the fun to come!

"Stay patient and positive. Try your best and continually improve. There is always room to grow." -Jamie Lee