Thursday, October 27, 2011


I was looking through recent local news articles & came to the conclusion that there is NEVER a dull moment here in South Carolina. I would like to move to a LESS insane state, lol. Check out the following articles from this week alone:

Van Slams into BB&T - Can't see that big building?
Lady Kills 4 People For Insurance Money - Maybe you can use that money to get outta jail now.
Skeleton Found Under Couch - Well, that's one way to bury the dead.
Shoplifting Rogaine - Guess he/she really missed their hair.
Counterfeit for Apple Pies - Someone's hungry
Arrested For Hitting Woman W/ BBQ Lid - Umm, I really have no comment for this one...
Man Passes Fake $100 at Dollar Tree - Must be trying to buy the whole store.
Officer Caught W/ Teen Prostitute - Just because you have "power" doesn't mean you can get away with everything.

To accompany these crazy people, check out the treasury below.

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