Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cruise 2011

Hello all! As promised, I have some photos of the cruise and two videos =) I'm currently working on a video of the Dream Works: Move It! Move It! Parade, but my video editor wasn't wanting to be nice. I will post it when I get it made though =) Since I have sooo many photos, I will provide links below [the photos] for additional photos =) I had a wonderful time. It was much bigger than the previous cruise I had went on, but I wasn't too impressed with the food on the larger boat =/ Now what I was impressed with was Burger King's food in Grand Cayman. They have what fast food food is supposed to be. It was soooo much better than the Burger King's here. Not to mention, the people were nicer than here. We were trying to figure out where the beach was & a customer happened to hear us & told us exactly how to get there. Very friendly. That would never happen here, lol. Of all the places we went to, Grand Cayman was my favorite. There's much more stuff to do there without worrying about if you're going to get left.

Funny Haiti Wood Carving - VIDEO
FlowRider - VIDEO

Cruise 2011
Grand Cayman
Dream Works: Move It! Move It!

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