Monday, April 18, 2011

Zombie Monday

Hello bloggers. Had a fabolus weekend. Attended The 4th Annual Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk on Saturday. Took 6 hours to do my make-up & costume. It was supposed to "storm", but never happened. Just rained for a good 30 minutes, but after we had walked :) If you'd like to see photos, check 'em out here. I entered two contests, but only stayed for one. I won best make-up :D My husband also got asked to help do some work on a guy's movie. Wonderful! I also found out there's going to be a zombie prom in Jan. of 2012. How wonderful.

In other news, we listed a pile of intestines on our Etsy shop a few days ago.

Since this is a zombie themed blog (not on purpose), go check out my Zombies: Eat Flesh treasury I made not long ago.

Remember: When you die, recycle your body, become a zombie.

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