Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of Updates

Yawn, stretch, yawn. Good morning bloggers. Hope everyone's day has gotten off to a good start. I have a lot of updates to share with you all :) First off, outside of Etsy, I'm also a writer (poetry). I found this amazing website back in 2008 called Helium. I hadn't been on there in about a year, so I decided to return last night. I submited a few poems & fixed up my profile. Well, I just checked my article stats and a poem I submited last night is first out of 13. 13 isn't a whole lot, but being first, well, you just can't get better than that :) If you have Helium, feel free to let me know & I will add you Here is my Helium profile.

On to more good news, we have listed more items in the Black Water FX shop. The first item is a blue eyed bloody zombie skull. He is up for grabs for $20.99. Our second new item is a pair of small bloody skeleton hands magnet. They can be yours for $3.99.

Here is the best news of all. We receieved a custom item request for Black Water FX a few days ago. A (jewlery) student in Austrila wants us to help her with her final project by making items to go on her rings and necklaces. She's told us she likes the bloody eyeballs and the pile of flesh from our shop. She's also said she needs 10-15 items. We will be working with her until October. I'm excited :D This is our first *big* project.

I am also working on a item for my shop: Tie Me Up Apparel. The item isn't complete, but I will say it has to do with pixies & the main color is purple.

Oh, before I forget, the area I'm from (er, near) is hosting their 4th annual Zombie Walk this Saturday. I just found out this past Saturday. I'm stoaked. It's supposed to be a hour long walk with the possibility of a Thriller dance. There will also be costume contests (I'm so entering!), worst tattoo contests, & piercing contests. I have less than a week to prepare.

On to drink more vanilla caramel latte. Have a marvioulus Monday!

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