Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Friday

As you all know (or may not know), I love video games. I decided to make this post of my top 10 (in no particular order) favorite gaming items from Etsy. Since I was brought up on the NES, these will most likely be "old school". Don't forget to check out the videos at the end ;) Enjoy =)

iPhone Docking Station NES Controller by: Geekish Modifications
Price: $31.99

NES Tetris 1TB Hard Drive by: 8 Bit Memory
Price: $169.99

Legend of Zelda Nintendo Fabric Make-up Bag / Pouch by: Krafty Minds
Price: $7.99

GameCube Desktop Organizer by: Green Cub
Price: $49.00

MARIO 16 bit Nintendo Character Cushion by: The Comfy Geek
Price: $30.00

Yoshi Egg Belly Ring by: Rainbow Kid Shop
Price: $12.00

Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt Clutch by: Sugar Shox Crafts
Price: $35.00

Nintendo Controller Glitter Picture by: Glitter Mortis
Price: $45.00

Pac Man Bots by: William Dohman
Price: $70.00

Legend of Zelda: Link Graphic T-Shirt by: Eagle Eye Designs
Price: $18.00

Hope you enjoyed my top 10 & I hope you all have a fabulous Friday & a wonderful weekend ^.^

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