Friday, March 18, 2011

Night Photos + Awesome Song

Not long ago, I had to buy a new camera. Since I was certain that I wanted to go into the photography/visual arts field, I decided I needed a fancyer camera as well. My original camera was a pink Sanyo S770 digital camera. 7.1 mega pixels with 3x optical zoom. For $70, it was a nice camera. My current camera is a Canon PowerShot SX30-IS with 14.1mp and 35x optical zoom. I love this camera. However, there's one thing I have to figure out & that's how to take night photos. On my old camera, there's a "scene" button & it has night in there. On the new one, I haven't found anything about night photos. I did find one thing on YouTube, but it didn't work. If a $70 camera has night photos, I'm sure a $400 camera has one too. If anyone knows how to do night photos with this camera, PLEASE let me know =) Also, I'm still open to photos for my "worded prints" section. As of right now, it's free, but you must provide the photo. Just leave a message in the comments section with a way to contact you.

P.S.: The pink camera is up for sale if interested. The only thing wrong is one TINY (and I mean tiny) dot shows up on the screen sometimes. Not sure if it shows in photos or not (I've never seen it).

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